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Welcome To Luther Burbank Online

Are you looking for information on Luther Burbank? You have come to the right place. Why read another website with information about Luther Burbank, when you can read books by Luther Burbank? This website was created to allow you to read and search the entire contents of the 12 Volume work published by Luther Burbank in 1914. You can read it from start to finish, search for just what you are looking for or browse by volume, chapter or even by image. All of the text and images on this website are taken from Luther Burbank: His Methods and Discoveries and their practical application. This book is a 12–volume monographic series documenting Burbank's methods and discoveries and their practical application. It was prepared from his original field notes covering more than 100,000 experiments made during forty years devoted to plant improvement. This collection was created with the assistance of the Luther Burbank Society and its entire membership, under the editorial direction of John Whitson and Robert John and Henry Smith Williams. The book has over 1200 color photos which are included on this site with original captions. Luther Burbank was born in 1849, died in 1926 and was one of the world's foremost plant breeders. He experimented with thousands of plant varieties and developed many new ones, including new varieties of prunes, plums, raspberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, and nectarines. Mr.burbank also experimented extensively with vegetables, fruiting trees, flowers and the spineless cactus. The book describes in vivid detail Mr. Burbank's successes and failures in crossing widely divergent species of several genera. In fact, before he accomplished the crossing of these fruits and vegetables many scientists thought it was impossible. This book will add to your knowledge and understanding of biology, plant physiology and will give you practical guidance to embark on your own experiments with the plant kingdom. You will find Mr. Burbank's insight, humor and story telling a very pleasurable experience. This collection will expand your horizons and build on your understanding of Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel and evolution. It may be hard to believe that a book that is nearly 100 years old could contain such striking new information, however, Mr. Burbank himself said that his work and his accomplishments are but the tip of the iceburg of what can and will be achieved by the next generation of plant breeders. Modern geneticists and the study of DNA and modern plant biology are proving Mr. Burbank to be correct.